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Opioid-use disorder is affecting every corner of Arkansas. Together, we are uniting to help.

Tools for employers

Together Arkansas online course

A five-module course (13-16 min. per module) gives an overview of the legal and operational issues an employer must consider in dealing with an employee’s use of opioids and other substances. The modules include best practices around how, when and why to drug test; how to handle a situation if the employee confesses or is discovered to be using harmful substances; and much more. Although each module contains valuable information, you do not have to watch them in order or in their entirety. Module Six is the story of second chances and gives insight into the employment of people who are currently in recovery.

Thank you for joining Together Arkansas.

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Module One

The Impact of Opioids in the Workplace: It's not business as usual

(approx. 16 minutes)

85% of employers concerned that prescription opioid use having negative impact in the workplace.

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Module Two

Legally Sound Drug-Free Workplace Program: What am I allowed (or not allowed) to do?

(approx. 16 minutes)

Arkansas has second highest prescription rate per 100 in Unite States (86.3).

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Module Three

Crafting a Policy That's Right for YOUR Business Operation and Culture

(approx. 16 minutes)

Annual cost of an untreated substance use disorder: $8,255 - $14,000

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Module Four

The Why, When & How of Workplace Drug Testing

(approx. 16 minutes)

547 Overdose deaths in Arkansas in 2020

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Module Five

Legally Sound Drug-Free Workplace Program: What am I allowed (or not allowed) to do?

(approx. 16 minutes)

$1.02 Trillion estimated economic cost for opioid use disorder and fatal opioid overdose.

A Story of Second Chances - Together Arkansas

Second chances matter. Learn how these employees bring talent, work ethic, and loyalty to the workplace creating a win-win situation for the employer and those in recovery.

(approx. 9.5 minutes)

People employed while
in treatment are more
likely to successfully
complete treatment.

Need help?

If you or someone that you care about is dealing with opioid-use or substance-use disorder, please reach out and seek treatment. Find help by contacting the national drug addiction helpline (24/7/365) at 1-800-644-HELP (4357) or the Arkansas Mental Health & Addiction Support Line at 1-844-763-0198.